Monday, January 12, 2009

Wow it seems like a long time. I have so much to say and I can't remember everything I wanted to say. Jeremiah went out of time last week and took the computer with him, and it is kinda hard to post from my phone. ( well the thing about it, is that I am still learning my phone. I just got a blackberry and have not mastered the art of it yet.) Everything has been so busy here, we have been fixing up the mess at the church and then at the Day Care also. We found out we has some water damage in the phone lines.
But no one wants to hear about all of that boring stuff. I found some great stuff the other day when I was at Fred Meyer. I have been eyeing these great long stem candle holders ... for like ever it seems like but they were just way to much money. But for some reason every time I go in to the store I was stroll down the aisle they are and just stare and wish that I could have them , to put them on top of my piano. Well, like I said I was in the store the other day ( of course while Jeremiah was gone) and I thought I will just go look at them and daydream. But they were gone ... I was a little heart broken for like a second. Then I thought, oh well , and went about to get the things that I had gone in there for.... Just then I saw some thing out of the corner of my eye. Was it... no it could not be.... but yes it was.... but no... yes it was so of course I had to look. Just like always I had to look at the price ( like I thought it would change or something) but yes they were they were in the price range that I was willing to pay for. They were only five dollars by the time all the EXTRA savings were taken off I was so excited. I of course bought them and could not wait to get them home to put candles in them to see how beautiful they really were. And yes they were everything I had day dreamed about for all those long months. I will take a pic and post it . ( Have to but for tea light candles )
Ok so we are starting the Dave Ramsey thing. So of course we are being very tight with our money. We really want to buy the house we are in but only will be able to do so if we get our finances in order. But I really needed some more nylons but we really could not afford it this week ( ok Jeremiah does take care of me ) I was just going to have to just wait till next week. well I went to the dollar store to day and GOD blessed I got the really nice Silken Myst nylons at the dollar store and yes you guessed it for only a dollar. I got 6 pairs for six dollars I am still really excited because I don't buy those because they are just not in my tight budged and really they don't last that long but they sure do feel great ....well as good as nylons can any way . Well enough of my rambling I have to go to bed any way . Have a great week !!!!


  1. Good luck with the Dave Ramsey thing. It is very hard, but worth it. :)

  2. yay - praying for you with the whole Dave Ramsey guys can do it!

  3. Hi Rachel:) You have been discovered,lol.

    Hey, great deals on the hose. Was that the local one by Rite Aid? I love the silken mist brand. I wanted to mention that I pick up mine on a regular basis from R,W & B for around 50 cents to $1.00 (un-used of course;) If you let me know your size I will keep my eye out for you when I go there. They often have that expensive Hanes brand that you order through the mail.

    Good luck with the Dave Ramsay plan. I've learned a lot from listening to his radio program, definitely good stuff.

    We'll be watching for that picture:)