Monday, January 26, 2009

Ok so I thought this would be funny for some one else beside me. I am the Assistant Director at our day care, and of course I have a favorite kid. She was a baby in the baby room when I was the teacher in there. So of course I am her favorite also... Any way the other day I was working in the office and like every other day she wanted to come in to the office and see Mrs. Rachel so of course I went down to her room to get her and them proceeded to bring back to the office to give her a treat. ( I keep apple cinnonmon cherrios in my desk ) So I gave her some, and then took her back to her class. Well she proceeded to tell me she had to go to the bathroom so I took her. ( Like five times) She told her teacher like five min later she had to go to the bathroom. Now mind you I just took and she really did go. So I came back and took her AGIAN ( I was the extra person for that moment and no one else had to go to the bath room. ) Any way ... she went agian and I took her back to class. Then like five min later I heard my name being called agian by the teacher ....... and you guessed it the little had to go to the bath room AGIAN ... ok really did she have to agian. I dont think so , so I said I just took you , really dont have to go.

Well like five min later I heard my name being called by the teacher ... and it was not pritty. So While she cleaned up the wonderful wet mess I took the little girl to the bath room to change her clothes and clean her up. When I took her she kinda giggled but I did not get what was going on yet....I just thought ok just helping the teacher.

So I get her all cleaned up and I go back to the office and start working when you guessed it.......
I heard my name She had to go to the bath room this is may be twenty min after the last feasco.
I said no you just went you can wait like every one else. ok if you saw how much pee could come out of one little girl and then she said she had to go agian I thought there is no way. So I did not take her. well she did it agian .... peeded herslef. When I took her in the bathroom to change her I realized that I had just gotten played by a two year old. The dead give away was when she laughed and said I got my Rachel. I knew you would come to get me I love my Rachel.
Ok so I did not know whether to be really mad or be overwhelmed with love for her.

Needless to say I told the teacher not to call me for the rest of the day and I told the little girl that I would not come by to see her for the rest of the day . ( I felt like a heel) So that day she had a total of five accendents to see if Mrs. Rachel would come to get her. The next day she tried the same thing but this time I was smart. SO that cured that one really fast. Any way she still is my favorite and she knows it but now we have to have the talk every morning that we will use the potty like a big girl or Mrs. Rachel will not be able to give her any more treats. So We have not had that problem any more.

I just thought it was very humorus that she loved me so much that she would pee her self just to see me . I should be flatterd right???? ( She is just to smart for her own good.)

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