Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Finally!!!! We hope!

So everything went great at the wedding!! I am so glad I am never doing that again. I forgot how tired you get from all that work. Eh if I knew that I could make money from it, I would love to be a wedding coordinator and do all that. I love to do all the flowers and all the decorating. I really do love all that. But as every one knows we need to not take that many chances right now and be careful and frugal with what we have.
Just like every one else we are trying to pay off some of .... well all of our past bills and get some money in savings but just like every one else STUFF always happens. I wish , I don't play but I wish I could some how win the lottery or some large amount of money. But that will never happen. :)
Anyway my doctors called today, because they were reading my chart. I know right they actually read my huge book of a chart. I was shocked too, but as I have said before we have had four miscarriages and I always try to read up on the lasted stuff. I kept coming across in the articles about infertility how a gluten intolerance could hinder staying pregnant . Well the doctor called today and said that they were going over my chart and wanted to me come and have a gluten test done. I was kind of floored because like I said I do try to read up on things and I was going to ask if I could have this test done any way. The nurse told me today that if I am gluten intolerant than I have to obviously stay away from things with gluten in them but that 1 out of every 3 women who have infertility problems are gluten sensitive. So maybe this will be our ticket and with in a year we could have a full term pregnancy. Thank you to all who do pray for us we love you and are very grateful to you all .
The pictures are of Jeremiah and his sister Elisabeth and Jeremiah and Paul, our new brother-in-law. Then the last one is of Jeremiah and our two nieces Becca and Kaitlyn and then Josiah our nephew.