Friday, January 2, 2009

It has been nice to go back to work!!

It was really nice to work today. With all the CRAZY !!!!weather we have been having I have only worked 6 days in the last 3 weeks. But that is qutie alright I needed the vacay!!! I do have to tell you all of the great finds that I found today. My husband really is not impressed so I have to tell someone. I think that they are some great finds.
Well I had to work late today because all the teachers were not able to make it into work today( we had some major flooding today. It took me almost an hour to get half way to work and then had to get back home.) Any way Jeremiah had to well did not have to but had volley ball and basketball tonight ( I am a little sad cause I wanted to play but that is ok) Any way I wanted to go some where besides home so I thought I would go check what the stores had for left over Chirstmas stuff. I decided that I would only spend ten dollars and that is it. I found bow for $.22 and 100ft of really expensive rapping paper for $1.00 but the greatest thing that I got today was my tree bag. I broke the zipper on the one that I had so I needed to get another one since I was putting it out in the shead. I found this rolling , yes I said rolling tree bag for only $3.74 I am really excited about this; and let me add so is Jeremiah because that means he does not have to carry the thing all the way to the shead.!!!:] One more thing Jeremiah brought some people over after the basketball thing and I had not made dinner so I said I would make pizza and he said he wanted to get another one just in case. So he went to Papa Murphys and they were just closing but they had a pizza some one did not come and get . So they gave it to him for $7.00 he was really excited about it. They funny thing is he has been teasing me since I started the blog and the frist thing he said to me was.......... "ok you have to put this on your blog" I thought that was really funny. Any way ok I have to go to bed . I am having so much fun doing this Thank you all for reading my random words of nothingness. :)


  1. Good grief girl why didnt you tell me you were blogging. Ive been blogging for 6 years now and welcome all the newbies. I saw you on my site meter. I have about 3 of them on my blog so nothing escapes me! LOL

    Shoot, I just spent 20 bucks on a tree tub. I wanted one of those tree bags from costco but by the time i got around to buying one they were out. :(

    Are you in Washington now at the conference? Have fun up there and learn some good stuff! :)

  2. DID not know you had a blog....Love Ya call me, Rachel G.