Monday, May 25, 2009

Getting ready!

So we are here in Washington with Jeremiah's family getting everything ready for the wedding. Jeremiah's little sister is getting married on Saturday, so we are taking a little vacation to help with every thing. His sister and brother-in-law also came down over from Florida. We are playing with all the kids and enjoying each other's company. But you know life is always fun so, let me just tell you. We have this really nice care that looks like a jag, yes I said looks like a jag but it is just a sonata but any way; we need to just get into an accident and total the thing. But any way sorry, we have in the last month broke the passinger mirror, hit a dog and broke the bummper and that is an understatement, and then today on the way to the store to get something for his mom we blew a tire. So tomorrow we get to go tire shopping in stead of regular shopping. But other than that we are have a great time . I will post some pictures to show you. This a picture of the happy couple

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